(1978, Belgium)


classical philologist - counselor - high school lecturer -

bookworm - self-willed - contemplative - 

sensitive - passion for (life) stories - out-of-the-box-thinker



favorite African quote: 

'Because it rained on the day it hatched,

the chick thought it was a fish'.

(Wole Soyinka - Nigerian writer)


most precious piece of luggage:

liters of massage oil


motto on the go:

'Today it's sunny and tomorrow we'll see'


likes to be inspired in Africa by:

- the power of stories

- the human-nature relationship

- dealing with psychological vulnerability

- dealing with old age and the end of life

- inspiration, meaning and resilience



- 'Getaande huid. Logboek van een zwerver'

- 'Onderweg door het leven - card game'


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(1971, the Netherlands)


 landscape architect - passion for woodworking - photography - eager to travel, preferably on a bicycle - creative – within the rules, coloring outside the lines - analytical - introvert – prefers action above talking…


favorite African quote:

'You shouldn't mock at a crocodile,

before you crossed the river'

(Fanti - Ghana) 


most precious piece of luggage:



motto on the go:

'Life begins at the end of your comfort zone'


likes to be inspired in Africa by:

- the Genius Loci, the spirit of a place

- ecology and sustainability

- stories behind trees

- the pioneering spirit and entrepreneurship

- the generous smile and joy of the Africans



- 'Oostwaarts, op de fiets van Rotterdam naar Singapore'  - Uitgeverij Elmar - ISBN: 978 90389 2506 6


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2013-2014: cycling to Singapore


The passion for cycling and wandering brought Kathleen and Paul together a few years ago. In April 2013 they got on their bikes in respectively Antwerp and Rotterdam for a long trip to the East. After a year full of colourful encounters, stories, some detours and a few flat tires, they finally arrived in Singapore. A cargoship brought them back home.